Heat pumps
Range DC Full Inverter

Heat pumps - Range DC Full Inverter

Discover the range DC Full Inverter

The DC Full Inverter range incorporates the most advanced technology on the market and adapts its operation to the real needs of the swimming pool. Touch controls and connection options allow easy or remote management and programming.

DC Full Inverter - DC35
Pool capacity
max. 35 m3
1.51 kW
Sound intensity
38/50 dB
Optimal water flow
2.5 m3/h
DC Full Inverter - DC55
Pool capacity
max. 55 m3
1.37 kW
Sound intensity
41/50 dB
Optimal water flow
2.7 m3/h
DC Full Inverter - DC75
Pool capacity
max. 75 m3
1.96 kW
Sound intensity
42/51 dB
Optimal water flow
3.5 m3/h
DC Full Inverter - DC95
Pool capacity
max. 95 m3
3.03 kW
Sound intensity
42/55 dB
Optimal water flow
5.2 m3/h
DC Full Inverter - DC115
Pool capacity
max. 115 m3
3.98 kW
Sound intensity
45/56 dB
Optimal water flow
5.6 m3/h

The heat pumps of the DC Full Inverter range: economy and performance

The DC FULL INVERTER range offers 5 heat pump references that can be used all season long for pools ranging from 35 to 115 m3.

The heat pumps of the DC Full Inverter range

Full Inverter technology

Full Inverter
  • INVERTER compressor 20 to 95 Hz
  • INVERTER fan motor 1 to 100%
  • Dual electronic card
  • Double row twisted titanium exchanger

Features & Characteristics

Features WPool range
  • Reversible hot/auto/cold mode
  • Automatic defrost by cycle inversion
  • Anti-UV treated ABS structure


Ecology WPool range
  • R32 economical gas from -12 to 43°C
  • Energy class A
  • Ultra silent


Control WPool range
  • Intuitive digital touch screen controller
  • Optional wifi module

Delivery and after-sales service

Delivery WPool range
  • Winter cover
  • Delivery on individual pallet
  • 3 year warranty on all parts

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