You want to install a heat pump for your pool, but you don't know which one to choose?
WPool invites you to carry out a tailor-made thermal balance to find the optimal heat pump that will meet your needs and your installation.

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How can I get a heat balance?

To carry out your thermal balance, go to the 'Reseller' section of this website or by clicking on the link below to find one of our reseller partners located near you.

Then approach the pool professional who will then ask you for some information on your installation, your needs and your desires.

After studying and analyzing your data, you will receive by email your heat balance as well as a selection of heat pumps that meet your expectations.

Find a reseller
What information will I be asked for?

In just 5 steps, WPool and its reseller partners offer you to find the machine that suits you.

Step 1
At first you will be asked to indicate your contact details to fill in your profile. The professional can thus communicate the results of your heat balance to you or contact you for obtain additional information.

Step 2
The professional will ask you to provide specific information on the geographical location of your pool, such as the location of the pool and the altitude at which it is located. Details on the amount of sunshine in the pool are also necessary, ie if your swimming pool is very exposed to the sun or if, on the contrary, it is in a shaded area.

Step 3
Here you will need to specify the configuration of your pool, indicating in particular:
- the surface of the pool,
- the volume of water in the pool,
- whether it is an infinity pool or not,
- the protective cover,

Step 4
The particularities of your technical room are also necessary:
- is it a traditional room, above ground, buried, monobloc?
- how far is the room from your swimming pool?
- where will the heat pump be located in relation to the room?

Step 5
Finally, to get the comfort you expect, the professional will ask you to define your needs such as the ideal temperature you want as well as the bathing period during which you want to enjoy of your swimming pool.

All this information is essential to obtain a personalized and optimal heat balance.

If the selected pump does not meet your needs, WPool and its partners undertake to provide a more powerful machine free of charge.

Don't wait any longer and get closer to a reseller or contact us.

Ask us for advice

Our team of experts will help you identify the needs suited to your project and will call you back free of charge within 24 hours.