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Heat pumps - Range Clim8zone

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Equipped with a 3kW heater, the Clim8zone range has the ability to heat and cool the SPA water. You can control the different modes of use of your heat pump directly from the screen of your SPA.

Clim8zone - Clim8zone
0.21 kW
Sound intensity
40 dB

The Clim8zone range: equipped with a 3 kW heater

The Clim8zone heat pump offers users 3 options for heating and cooling spa water.

Heat pumps in the Wposeidon range

Fonctions & features

Fonctionnalités gamme PAC WPool
  • Ability to heat and cool SPA water
  • Works with temperatures below -20°C
  • Reversible hot/cold/auto mode


Écologie gamme PAC WPool
  • R32 ecological gas
  • Energy saving during water heating


Contrôle gamme PAC WPool
  • Full integration with SpaTouch3 panel

Delivery & After-sales service

Livraison gamme PAC WPool
  • Delivery on individual pallet
  • 2 year warranty on all parts

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