WPool range and products

Compact Inverter
Compact Inverter

The Compact Inverter range offers reversible heat pumps in hot - cold mode.

DC Full Inverter
DC Full Inverter

The DC Full Inverter range adapts to the real needs of your pool.

WP Signature Inverter
WP Signature Inverter

The WP Signature Full Inverter range is equipped with a side ventilation and a digital touch controller connected to Wifi to supervise and control the heat pump remotely.

WP Full Inverter
WP Full Inverter

The WP Full inverter range integrates connectivity to optimize its performance in the utmost silence.

E-Optimus Inverter
E-Optimus Inverter

The E-Optimus Full Inverter range offers connected vertical heat pumps, perfect for confined spaces.


With its Bluetooth app, the Cube has it all and is perfect for above-ground and small-volume pools.


Wall-mounted dehumidifiers with an elegant tempered glass front and an easy-to-use digital touch screen.

Choose your PAC according to your needs

Le volume de la piscine
The volume of the pool

The size of the swimming pool is the first criterion which allows the user to start efficiently in the search for his heat pump. The larger it is, the more it takes time to heat it up.

La couverture de protection
The protective cover

In addition to being a safety element, the swimming pool cover reduces the evaporation of water and preserves its temperature. The freshness of the nights and the wind no longer has any influence on the water in your swimming pool.

La localisation de la piscine
The location of the swimming pool

The criterion for choosing the location of your swimming pool is to find a sunny place. A swimming pool in the sun is the assurance of naturally saving a few degrees in the water temperature.

Les technologies de PAC
PAC technologies

In addition to having very good performance, the heat pump is one of the least demanding systems for heating your swimming pool water.

Ask us for advice

Our team of experts will help you identify the needs suited to your project and will call you back free of charge within 24 hours.

Who are we?

The company Warmpac is a family group which designs and imports swimming pool products for the French market It offers a range of heat pumps under its brand WPool , water treatment equipment under the brand BrightBlue and integrates home automation in the swimming pool sector under the brand EZPool .
Warmpac is active member of the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals and of the Heating Commission and one of the initiators of DTP 10 concerning swimming pool heating standards.

The entire Warmpac team is committed to the quality of customer relations to find personalized answers to everyone's expectations and questions.
Demanding on the quality, development and durability of our products, we do everything we can to meet the standards French and European, and get ahead of them!
We attach particular importance to respecting the commitments made in all areas of our activity.

Three words could qualify us: Quality, Commitment and Respect .

in W we trust!

Why choose a WPool heat pump?

Ensemble des gammes de pompes à chaleur WPool

The Warmpac company has been designing heat pumps for over 10 years and distributing them under its WPool brand.
Adapted prices, the The quality and performance of its products have enabled Warmpac to gain the confidence of many professionals.

Strongly committed to respecting the environment, all WPool heat pumps work with R32 gas. WEEE PRO, Warmpac treats machines at the end of their life for recycling in full compliance.

Very responsive, and because our products are stored in France, Warmpac guarantees fast deliveries. , a tilt monitor which is colored in the event of brutal handling is affixed to each machine.

Sure of the robustness and reliability of its heat pumps, Warmpac has set up an after-sales service charter and telephone assistance which answers your questions in the event of a breakdown. hines at WPool is less than 1%.


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