Is the thermal balance essential to choose the swimming pool dehumidifier?

Is the thermal balance essential to choose the swimming pool dehumidifier?

Is the thermal balance essential to choose the swimming pool dehumidifier?

Thermal assessment, what data should be taken into account?

To control the condensation and extreme humidity that reigns in a swimming pool room, you must install a dehumidifier. But how to choose your swimming pool dehumidifier? To find the right equipment, you must first of all know the needs and clearly identify the particular conditions, the surface area of the swimming pool, the volume of air to be treated, the desired temperature of the hall and the swimming pool... The thermal balance provides additional information for calculating water evaporation from the pool area. This is a great help in determining the most suitable dehumidifier.

Identify the needs for the pool room

The pool room

First, calculate the volume of the room. Then it is important to know the climatic zone where the swimming pool is located, the altitude, the lowest temperature of the season and that which we want in the room, these data are important because they will play a role in the formation and production of condensation. For indoor swimming pools, it is recommended to have a fairly high ceiling height, so that there is a good volume of air.

Insulation of the swimming pool room

When building an indoor swimming pool, the insulation of the building, wall, ceiling, floor and bay windows, is essential if we want to limit heat loss and avoid spending a fortune on heating or if we do not does not want to see damage transforming its aquatic room. Insulation is a barrier between the cold outside temperature in winter and the warm inside temperature, it helps limit condensation. The more insulated the pool room, the less thermal shock there is. It will then be possible to use equipment such as heating and dehumidifiers with lower powers, they will be extremely efficient and less expensive to purchase.

For swimming pools under shelter, the dehumidifier is valuable, but it cannot be 100% effective, because the materials used for the transparent walls are very poorly insulating.

Pool room temperature

Air and water temperature influence evaporation. The greater the gap between the two, the more condensation is present. You must therefore carefully estimate the temperature of the hall (insulation, geographical location, etc.) and the water you want. Ideally, the air temperature is one or two degrees warmer than the water temperature..

The swimming pool

The surface area and volume of the pool are the first criteria to take into account. But, the equipment has an influence on the production of mist, the jets, a fountain, a diving board, counter-current swimming, the robot cleaner, infinity pool... everything that creates water movements and also the number average number of bathers who will enjoy the swimming pool, attendance… If the swimming pool is covered by a tarpaulin when it is not in use, this helps limit water loss.

Once all this data is gathered, it provides information on the thermal assessment which will be able to provide an inventory and a diagnosis in terms of insulation and heating. It is a wealth of information to determine the most appropriate dehumidifier according to the specific conditions of the pool room. However, it remains to determine the quantity of condensation that will be produced in the aquatic room.

To find out more about carrying out a thermal assessment, go to our page dedicated to thermal balance and find all the information necessary for the study of your installation or your future installation.

To help you choose the swimming pool dehumidifier that best suits your installation, read our advice on how to determine the amount of evaporation of the indoor swimming pool and what is the energy consumption of the swimming pool dehumidifier so as not to have an oversized and too energy consuming. Finally, find out in more detail what characteristics to take into account when choosing a swimming pool dehumidifier and how to refine your choice of swimming pool dehumidifier.

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