Fight against condensation thanks to the swimming pool dehumidifier

Fight against condensation thanks to the swimming pool dehumidifier

Fight against condensation thanks to the swimming pool dehumidifier

What can the dehumidifier do against condensation?

Condensation under a swimming pool enclosure, an indoor swimming pool, or a spa room is a very present natural phenomenon and taken to the extreme given the particular conditions of the premises. This can also be a real health problem: mold, damage, feelings of cold, repercussions on osteoarthritis and breathing... To obtain healthy air in this space, a certain number of measures can be put in place. to limit excessive evaporation and the dehumidifier is one of the main actors. So how do you limit condensation in an indoor pool?

The dehumidifier, an essential piece of equipment?

The dehumidifier WPool

Of course, all the strategies to limit the evaporation of water from the swimming pool and the creation of condensation have been put in place: cover the pool, heat the air well, the water must have a temperature close to that of the air and must therefore be heated, good insulation… but only the dehumidifier is able to extract excess humidity from the air.

The keys to limiting condensation

Although the solutions which make it possible to limit the condensation of the piece of water are effective, they very often remain insufficient because, the aquatic space by definition, always creates a more or less excessive humidity, in any case above the accepted standard. However, these solutions should not be overlooked. They can be considered as aids, but they are, after all, essential. They will slow down the formation of humidity in the air but will not extract it, this is the role of the dehumidifier.

By limiting evaporation, there will be less d water to make, there is less humidity to extract from the ambient air, the dehumidifier “works” less, energy, water and electricity consumption is lower.

The swimming pool dehumidifier, an essential additional piece of equipment

The dehumidifier is therefore essential equipment when the swimming pool or spa is in an enclosed space. It guarantees healthy air and maintains the right level of humidity in the air. For the water feature to be pleasant, without inconvenience for bathers and the building, the humidity level must be around 60%. The dehumidifier makes it possible to maintain and control this percentage, independently. Swimming is pleasant, the air is healthy, and general maintenance of the building is made easier. You should know all the same that the dehumidifier does not solve the causes and effects of condensation, it is not a solution to the existing humidity problem.

It is the alliance between the solutions of fights against condensation and the dehumidifier which make for the success of a healthy and long-lasting swimming pool room. There is no point in implementing the entire range of measures to combat condensation if the dehumidifier is not installed. Generally, one does not go without the other and a study when designing the indoor swimming pool allows you to make the best decisions, the right equipment and the solutions best suited to the situation.

Knowing what the conditions are for controlling condensation will allow you to understand the different possibilities for effectively combating this phenomenon which is created in the space of the indoor swimming pool. If it is possible to limit condensation with swimming pool covers and to limit condensation of the covered swimming pool by ventilation, the swimming pool dehumidifier remains the most appropriate means. Then discover the difference between the chemical dehumidifier VS electric dehumidifier and whether it is better to favor a swimming pool dehumidifier or Controlled Mechanical Ventilation to correctly choose the device best suited to your installation.

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