What pool structures for the indoor pool?

What pool structures for the indoor pool?

What pool structures for the indoor pool?

What pool structures for the indoor pool?

If an outdoor swimming pool requires some thought, its cousin, the indoor swimming pool, is even more demanding in all its phases, from its design, to construction, to specific equipment, including ventilation, decoration... What are the equipment to be provided during the construction of this swimming pool?

What materials should be used to build the indoor pool structure?
Shell for indoor swimming pool

In an indoor swimming pool, the basins are most often buried or semi-buried. Above ground pools are of course possible, easier and faster to install, less expensive. But, it must be recognized, that the cachet is very different from an inground pool.

An indoor pool accepts most existing structures, wooden kits, modular pools, acrylic or polyester shells , but also the concrete frames. Each technique has its own advantages.

The concrete pool can be built, cast or projected. It is a tailor-made, customizable structure that allows a host of fantasies in the shape. Monobloc, it is particularly solid and can receive any waterproof coating.

The shell pool is quick to install but requires a fairly substantial ceiling height and a wide opening for its installation. Generally the pool is installed, then the structure of the building is put in place around it.

If the part already exists, it may be preferable to choose a modular pool or a wooden kit. The financial cost is more advantageous because the assembly of the structure can be carried out without the intervention of a professional and without lifting equipment. Installation is quite quick.

What shape for an indoor pool?

Generally the shape of the indoor pool remains simple, we can say classic, rectangular. Athletes will prefer a swimming lane.

Custom shapes are always achievable but require a fairly large room. They must be in line with the architecture of the house, especially if this aquatic area opens outwards, towards the garden... Otherwise, all the fantasies are possible as long as they match the decoration.

The size must be adapted to the volume of the room to maintain a certain consistency. If the pool is too large compared to the space of the room, an impression of confinement, of suffocation is felt, all the more important as the ceiling is low! However, one option may make sense if the room is cramped, then the pool can take up all the space.

As for the depth of the pool, consider 1.20, 1, 50 meters. Indeed, the foundation of the building, the house or the existing veranda may not be able to support the considerable weight of a swimming pool. The structure of the building may be weakened and cracks may appear on the walls. This is why the advice of a professional is essential when planning to build an indoor pool.

What equipment should be provided when building the indoor pool?

What original equipment to choose for an indoor pool?
What original equipment to choose for an indoor pool?

For more discretion, extra flat skimmers can be installed, so the water line is higher.

Original and aesthetic, the mirror pool. The water is flush with the terrace, the effect is striking and very well suited. No skimmer this time.

The infinity pool is not really of interest unless the pool is placed in front of floor-to-ceiling windows with an exceptional view.

A submerged beach, interior stairs…

A removable bottom is an option that can be considered, with some technical constraints. It ensures safety, limits condensation and saves additional space when the pool is not in use.

What recreational equipment should be installed during the construction of the indoor pool?

Decorating the pool with jets, a waterfall with riprap, these are facilities that will entertain bathers, delight children and bring an additional touch of originality to the aquatic area.

A starry background of light, multicolored lighting or LEDs that surround the edge of the pool, another way to dazzle swimmers.

Swimming against the current for swimming enthusiasts, or balneotherapy nozzles to relax, it's possible.

The indoor pool is a dream that needs to be carefully prepared. The investment is substantial, the work often important and long, so do not hesitate to seek advice and surround yourself with professionals who can validate the feasibility and carry out the project in its entirety.

It is essential to know exactly what an indoor swimming pool is to know how to approach the design of the room of the indoor swimming pool without encountering unforeseen problems. What waterproof coatings for the indoor pool exist? This is a question that must be asked to clearly define what are the particularities of the indoor pool and what equipment to preserve the space of the indoor pool will be necessary. To make your choice of an indoor pool or not, finally find out what are the advantages and constraints of an indoor pool.

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