Why monitor pool temperature?

Why monitor pool temperature?

Why monitor pool temperature?

What is the use of a pool thermometer?

You might think that first of all taking the temperature of the pool water gives the green light to a pleasant swim. Yes, but not only ! It is also used to know how to manage the temperature of the water in the swimming pool, to better maintain the quality of the water, to plan and adjust the treatments...

Why monitor pool water temperature?

Water quality, balance and temperature are closely linked. To obtain results, during periods of high heat, namely to be able to bathe in clear, limpid and refreshing water, implies carrying out daily actions and checks on the water.

Pool thermometer The filtration time is really very important, even more during these periods of high heat. Indeed, the hotter the water, the longer the filtration time. A filtration time at least equal to half the temperature value must be provided. Thus, if the water is at 24°C, it will take 12 hours of filtration.
The pool pump will work imperatively for at least 20 hours if the water is above 27°C and 24 hours a day if the water is at 30°C!
Otherwise, even if the pH and the chlorine level are correct, the pool can quickly turn green. And who better than the swimming pool thermometer can measure the information. It shows its usefulness there.

Unless the swimming pool is equipped with a pH regulator and automatic treatment, these two data must be checked every evening and readjusted. To give a little boost, every 2 to 3 days, rub the walls of the pool with the broom to remove the micro algae that could cling to it. 10 to 15 minutes a day of easy maintenance, to enjoy a healthy swimming pool for hours, it's worth it!

Most water treatments, chlorine (most commonly used), oxygen products for swimming pools are sensitive to the sun's rays, the more sun there is, the more the consumption of treatment products will increase. It is therefore necessary to apply product more often.
The treatment products are active, but the higher the temperature, the less effective they are. It is therefore necessary to adapt and increase the daily doses during hot weather. Once again the thermometer shows its usefulness.
If the region is very hot and accustomed to very generous sun, it may be possible to opt for more UV-resistant treatments such as bromine or Ultra -Purple.

The water is active, between 12 and 14 degrees, so the thermometer gives the signal for the reopening or wintering of the pool. The salt chlorinator can only work when the water is above 16°C.
The thermometer remains the essential tool for starting or stopping this device. The thermometer is also the way to check that the pool heating mode is working properly, if there is one.
Knowing the temperature of the water before swimming will allow you to take a dive or enter gently to acclimatize to a more or less cool water temperature.

In a word, the thermometer is not just a simple gadget, it knows how to be indispensable. It gives an orientation in order to maintain an optimal water quality by allowing to adapt the treatment to the temperature of the water and of course it comforts the bather on the conditions of his future bathing.

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