How to preserve the heat of the water produced by the heat pump?

How to preserve the heat of the water produced by the heat pump?

How to preserve the heat of the water produced by the heat pump?

How to conserve the heat produced by the pool heat pump?

The temperature of the water is an essential point for the comfort of swimming. So how do you install and use the heat pump to preserve those precious degrees, so dearly obtained thanks to the heat pump, when the weather is gloomy, when the wind is blowing or quite simply when every morning you realize that the water has well cooled overnight?

What is the impact of ambient air on pool water?

The natural factors that come into play to heat up the pool are the sun and the surrounding air.

When the air is colder than the water in the pool, which is the case in mid-season, by convection effect, the sun only warms the surface of the water. The little stored heat is then evacuated by the ambient air colder than the pool water. The phenomenon is all the more important as the wind is present. The heated water remains on the surface and the cold water sinks to the bottom of the pool. During the night, as the ambient temperature drops, this causes that of the pool water to drop. It is therefore not pleasant to swim in barely warm water.

In summer, when the air is warmer than the pool water, the water is heated by a sun more powerful and much higher outside temperatures. The mechanism remains the same. The sun heats up and the surrounding air “removes” heat, the wind also plays its role, as does the night… it cools the water! But it is quite possible to swim, even if the water temperature fluctuates due to natural conditions.

To have the pleasure of swimming earlier, enjoy the pool even when the weather is grey, and swimming again in September or even November, it is possible to lend a hand to Mother Nature by installing a pool heating system. And the most suitable is often the heat pump.

What are the solutions to limit the impact of air on the pool water?
Rolling shutter for swimming pool

A swimming pool heating system cannot derogate from natural phenomena. If the swimming pool is not covered at night, in the event of a gale, the water will inevitably lose the degrees of temperature acquired during the day. So, how to preserve the temperature of the water?

Several solutions exist, simple and effective. They make it possible to isolate the water from the ambient air in the event of wind, cold or heat and when night falls. It can be a summer cover, a safety cover, an immersed or above-ground cover, a shelter, a removable bottom... Some of these solutions are inexpensive, others expensive, safe or not, to be planned from the start. basin design or later, more or less aesthetic, more or less easy to handle… but they all have the advantage of limiting heat loss, water evaporation and they prevent many impurities from falling in the basin.

What protection against pool water temperature loss

These protections for swimming pool water and sometimes safe for men, provide comfort and save energy, water and time.

Are you a handyman, or do you prefer to hire a professional? Discover in the articles below all our advice and tips on how to install the pool heat pump and how to properly adjust your pool heat pump. Also understand when to use the swimming pool heat pump and how to use the swimming pool heat pump.

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