When to use the swimming pool heat pump?

When to use the swimming pool heat pump?

When to use the swimming pool heat pump?

When to operate the pool heat pump?

The swimming pool heat pump is a high-performance heating method that allows swimming to be brought forward by a few weeks, to continue swimming when autumn is on its way and to enjoy hot water during the summer season when the weather is gloomy or Fresher. When should the heat pump be put into operation? When should it work? Should I run it at night or during the day? And especially how to install and use the heat pump?

When should the pool heat pump be started?
The outside temperature will be the main factor that allows the heat pump to heat the pool water

The swimming pool heat pump is started up when the climatic conditions are in line with the characteristics of the equipment.

The heat pump is used to heat the water in the swimming pool according to certain conditions. The outside temperature will be the main factor, because it is the essential energy of the heat pump. Some machines work with negative temperatures, others need 5, 10 degrees. It is therefore necessary that the outside heat corresponds to that recommended by the manufacturer. If it is 4 degrees and the heat pump is designed to operate at 10 degrees, there is no need to turn it on, there will not be enough calories in the air for the machine to heat the water.

At the start of the season, during start-up, the heat pump must be left to operate continuously until the programmed temperature is reached. To be effective, it runs over several days, 24 hours a day. As it is slaved to the swimming pool's filtration pump, the latter must also operate non-stop.

Depending on the season, program the heat pump to maintain the water temperature

During the season, when the weather allows the pool water to be kept at the right temperature, the heat pump can be stopped or it can be programmed to keep the water at the temperature. In this case, it works during the time range defined by the filtration time (if the water is at 28°C, it takes 14 hours of filtration for the correct water balance).

If the weather forecast is deteriorating, it should be remembered that the heat pump is an efficient heating method whose temperature rise is slow, one to three degrees per day, depending on the device. It is therefore wiser to start the machine before the water is too cold.

You may be tempted to run the heat pump at night during off-peak hours. However, it is advisable and wiser to run it during the day, because the ambient air is warmer, the heat exchanges are greater and therefore the COP (Coefficient of Performance) is higher.

To find out how to install the pool heat pump and how to properly adjust your pool heat pump, discover our advice and tips without further delay. Learn how to use the swimming pool heat pump and the means to know how to preserve the heat of the water produced by the heat pump.

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