How to properly adjust your pool heat pump?

How to properly adjust your pool heat pump?

How to properly adjust your pool heat pump?

How to adjust the pool heat pump

The heat pump is now installed. For optimal performance of the machine, without blowing up the energy budget while meeting the expectations of swimmers, certain adjustments must be made to the device. So how to install and use the heat pump and how to adjust it?

How to adjust the flow rate of the pool heat pump?
Swimming pool heat pump manometer

The heat pump pressure gauge will allow you to easily adapt the water flow for the correct operation of the device. As long as the pressure gauge is in the green zone, the pressure is correct. If the pressure is too high or too low, simply manipulate the central bypass valve by opening or closing it to return to the normal operating zone. A water flow rate that is too low leads to hotter water than expected and higher energy consumption. The remedy is simple, it is necessary to close the central bypass valve substantially to increase the flow. The water passes faster, and heats less.

Too strong a flow and the water will not reach the set temperature. In this case, the central by-pass valve must be slightly open.
The flow changes according to the temperature of the water, so it must be changed according to the three stages of the heat pump cycle, when during commissioning, during temperature rise and during temperature stabilization.

Can the refrigerant pressure be controlled?

It is thanks to the flow of water and the pressure of the refrigerant that heat exchanges are created and that the water in the swimming pool is heated.
There is no direct intervention on the refrigerant, only a professional can intervene and handle it, in the event of a problem.

The adjustment of the water flow is made according to the rise in temperature and follows the progression of the pressure of the fluid which changes from liquid to gaseous state, according to its cycle.
With this setting, the heat pump gives its best performance.

How to manage the pool heat pump timer?
The heat pumps are equipped with a programmer and a clock

The heat pumps are equipped with a programmer and a clock that must be set during start-up and when the hours change.
Thanks to the programmer, it is possible to start the machine or when stopped, to choose and select the desired water temperature, the defrosting temperature or to opt for automatic defrosting, to define the operating hours, etc. However, the heat pump is a slow heating mode, the rise in temperature is around 1 to 3 degrees per day (depending on the power of the device). When starting up the heat pump, it is therefore necessary to let it run continuously for several days, until the desired and programmed water temperature is reached.

The programmer can also give information on the air temperature, that of the refrigerant gas and the temperature of the exchanger. This data may appear on the control screen (depending on the model). To program the heat pump, you must follow and respect the manufacturer's instructions for use.

Adjusting the heat pump requires a certain rigor but the operations are easy to perform and done in a short time. By doing so, the performance and the COP (coefficient of performance) of the swimming pool heat pump are optimum and allow energy savings to be made with water at the ideal temperature.

Are you a handyman, or do you prefer to hire a professional? Knowdonc how to install the pool heat pump. Also understand when to use the pool heat pump and how to use the pool heat pump. Finally, discover the means to know how to preserve the heat of the water produced by the heat pump.

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